Student Development is critical to the mission of the Steans Center and the curriculum of Community Service Studies. All of the programs at Steans are positioned to equip students with the knowledge and experience necessary to transform them into future leaders and socially conscious citizens. This comes in part from the hands-on, real world approach of community-based service learning that students experience through coursework, training, workshops, and privilege/social justice reflections. There are a wide variety of opportunities at the Steans Center for students to get involved with community-based service learning. Below are some of the ways that students can become involved.

Opportunities for DePaul students

  • Student development with student organizations and academic departments
  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Research opportunities
  • Internships with community organizations
  • Community tours
  • Events and workshops
  • Service learning study abroad

For more information contact: Charlotte Phillips, Student Development Coordinator